Friday, August 20, 2010


Guess what?

If you don't like MADBALL, you need to get a job.

When MADBALL talks about being angry, depressed, crazy and violent, they actually mean it.

These are seriously fucked up individuals who only act nice when they need something ($, promotion, tail, drugs...).

MADBALL represent a place and time that we'll never know (New York in the 90's).

MADBALL represent a lifestyle we'll never know (Crime, gang-involvement, prison, the constant threat of violence, friends constantly dying, skewed-Catholicism...).

I'm obsessed with MADBALL and the world they inhabit. I'm obsessed with who they are and all the bad things they've done.

I spent so many years of my life thinking I was smarter than listening to bands like MADBALL. I was wrong.

I've seen MADBALL live a few times and they've always been great. Watching MADBALL is like watching outtakes from the up in smoke DVD. They thank god and sing songs about killing people. They dedicate songs to bands that are not even playing the show. They go offstage and get wasted. They bash cunts.

If you buy modern weird/garage/post/abstract/vagina/cream/young/expensive-punk records, watch out! Cos I'm gonna come round and drive my motorcycle over all of them!

Real men. Good hearts. Bad Brains.

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